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News roundup for Tue, May 4, 2021

The Senate has passed a large, bipartisan clean water act. The $35 billion dollar infrastructure bill aims to ensure that Americans consistently have access to clean, untainted water. There’s a chlorine shortage. Some pool supply stores are imposing purchasing caps. Higher demand for pool activities mixed with a devastating chemical plant fire have created these […]

Best sleeping bag

Since your go-bag and sleeping bag are kept at home until you bug out, if something happens at home where you need more shelter (eg. losing power in a winter storm), you can grab the sleeping bag from your kit and use it inside. If you don’t have a legit sleeping bag, you’ll likely end […]

News roundup for Fri, Apr 30, 2021

The deadline to obtain a Real ID has been extended to 2023: Update: DHS to announce the Real ID deadline will be extended by *19 months* to May 3, 2023. — Michael Del Moro (@MikeDelMoro) April 27, 2021 California tells Nestlé to stop stripping the state of water during serious drought conditions. The order […]

News roundup for Tue, Apr 27, 2021

85% of Mexico is suffering from drought and dry conditions. Lakes and reservoirs are drying up, and dust storms are brewing. It’s the worst set of drought conditions the country has seen in decades. California plans to ban fracking by 2024. Although a post-petroleum energy industry is needed to help fight climate change, it’s unclear […]

News roundup for Fri, Apr 23, 2021

The US Post Office has a formerly covert “situational awareness” program whereby they trawl social media posts and amass open-source intelligence data about planned protests. The information is shared with US intelligence agencies. Although it’s reasonable for the Post Office to want to keep employees safe and away from actively dangerous areas of civil unrest, […]