News roundup for Tue, Nov 23, 2021

Has a man intentionally ploughed through a holiday parade in Wisconsin

Justin Trudeau has sent the military into British Columbia to help flood recovery efforts. Residents are being limited to the purchase of 30 liters or less of gas per gas station visit, and travel along washed out routes is restricted. 14,000 residents are still displaced.

Russia and China are performing joint military air exercises and excursions together.

The trucking industry in the US is short 80,000 truckers. Women are increasingly entering the profession. The new infrastructure bill includes monies towards applicable training programs ad should close the gap by a few thousand workers.

Europe is also experiencing inflationary pressures. The European Central Bank anticipates property and stock bubbles to form. The risk of price corrections popping those bubbles is anticipated to be high in the medium term. People with variable-rate mortgages could suffer a little like folks did here in the late 2000s.

The supply chain has ripple effects on the environment in ways that may not at first be readily apparent. One example is the situation in the ports right now. The backlog of ships anchoring where they don’t usually sit caused a ruptured oil pipeline (literally because of an anchor), and all the attendant environmental pain that comes with an oil spill:

Speaking of unintended ripple effects: an app went down and locked hundreds of Tesla drivers out of their cars:

Five people were killed and nearly 50 injured when an SUV driver intentionally ploughed through a holiday parade in Wisconsin. The driver was on the lam from a domestic dispute and had previously intentionally injured someone with a vehicle the week before. Police were not in pursuit of the driver when he mowed people down during the parade.

The Texas power grid is still vulnerable to serious outages during very cold weather. Coupling this with the high cost of fuel means wood stoves and firewood have suddenly become very popular.

The world has over 258.3 million COVID cases. The world has gained 3.8 million cases in the last week. Cases are rising again globally and in the US. There have been nearly 5.2 million deaths in total. The US has had a cumulative 48.7 million cases. The US gained about 700,000 cases in the last seven days. Over 794,000 Americans have died during the pandemic—about 10,000 in the last week. The US gained over 53,000 new cases on Sunday, and 60,000 by late afternoon Monday. The US, Germany, UK, and Russia have had the largest case gains over the last week.

The FDA is allowing COVID boosters for all adults in the US:

Austria is imposing mandatory COVID vaccination and another round of lockdowns. People took the streets in protest:

Similar but more violent protests in Rotterdam got ugly when police opened fire on protesters. Three people were hospitalized with gunshot wounds. Warning shots and water cannons were said to have been employed.

There is evidence that COVID can directly impact the central nervous system, and in my opinion this is not discussed as much as it should be. Here’s a cool thread with graphics and links to dozens of supporting articles, including one in Nature:

95% of federal workers got vaccinated before the mandate deadline.

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